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Letters: West Seneca’s high taxes prompt thoughts of moving away

West Seneca’s high taxes prompt thoughts of moving away

I’ve lived in West Seneca for 32 years. Paid extremely high taxes and have never complained. Until now.

Sheila Meegan has requested and received a high tax increase. I am kind of/maybe OK with some of her issues. She wants/has received a pay increase. She has proposed that we, as taxpayers, provide the money necessary to change out the sewer drain pipe from home to the common sewer. This costs approximately $5,000. This was several years ago and I know many have complied with her wishes.

My current issue, West Seneca, small little blue-collar town with EXTREMELY high taxes.

The crossing guards on a very highly traveled road are gone. Allendale/West Elementary. Orchard Park Road. I contacted Meegan today, with respect to the crossing guard issue. I was told by a minion that everything seems to be in order.

Come on. I have lived in and loved this town. It’s time for me to move on. West Seneca has become very pricey. Someone is profiting. I’m cool with cutting all ties and going where the taxes are less and the services are better.

Julie Czosek

West Seneca

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