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Letters: Assessing story on investment in fracking by UB Foundation

Assessing story on investment in fracking by UB Foundation

I want to commend your staff reporter Jay Tokasz on his Nov. 27 article regarding the UB Foundation investing in FRACKING!

The Gov. Cuomo-led administration is opposed to fracking, to fossil fuel generated power and offers nothing to replace fossil fuel but DREAMS of green power. It doesn’t matter that coal provides 45 percent of our power and all fossil fuels provide 85 percent of our power! There currently are NO alternatives yet ... just close the coal plants, like the clean coal plant in Somerset!

As Tokasz pointed out, there’s money to be made in fracking and coal, so let’s set aside the DEMONS of fossil fuel ... make millions ... then we can go back to “STOP ALL FRACKING,” when Cuomo runs for president in 2020!

Typical Gov. Cuomo!

The UB Foundation keeps the assets in the Cayman Islands to avoid disclosure and taxes, until a good reporter like Jay Tokasz finds out AND has the guts to report same!

One “minor” correction ... fossil fuels do produce C02 emissions, unlike clean nuclear power ... which Cuomo also bans!

However, scientists absolutely DO NOT agree that man made CO2 emissions have ANYTHING to do with climate change, nor if there is global warming! Claims by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that there is global warming, have been completely outed by the Heartland Institute, former Greenpeace founding president Patrick Moore, numerous real scientists and our own NASA, just this year!

J. Gary DiLaura

Niagara Falls

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