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Letter: Some suggestions for restoring the real meaning of Christmas

Some suggestions for restoring the real meaning of Christmas

Have you noticed the outdoor Christmas decorations this year? I have seen portly snowmen, jolly Santas, twinkling lit reindeer, and a happy Snoopy. But, I haven’t seen a single Christmas Nativity scene. I guess we don’t really keep Christ in Christmas anymore. I too am guilty. Figures of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus are gathering dust in my barn. Am I too old to make the effort to place them on my porch as signs of God’s love for us?

Am I too busy, buying gifts for friends who have “everything,” to take time to remember gifts for the homeless, jobless, or poor? We can all set aside support gifts for the Buffalo City Mission (100 Tupper St., Buffalo, NY 14203)?

As we sit down to our delicious Christmas ham dinner, can we remember that there are forgotten ones who have little to eat in our country? Forty million people, 13 million of whom are children, face hunger everyday (contact, Feeding America, P.O. Box 96749, Washington, DC).

While we’re deciding what to eat, starving Haitian children wonder IF they will eat. (Feed for the Poor 6401 Lyons Road, P.O. Box 979002, Coconut Creek, Fla.).

There, a meager 6 cents can provide a nutritious meal for a malnourished child. Can our budget for our children’s Christmas toys include money for the basic necessities of other children?

If we truly want to “Make America Great Again,” we must do so by reviving the American traditions of generosity toward the unfortunate individuals in our country and in the world.

Jean M. Lichtenthal


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