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Letter: Downtown football stadium for the Bills is a bad idea

Downtown football stadium for the Bills is a bad idea

As the Bills sit at 6-5, there are a lot of questions surrounding the team. Is Tyrod or Peterman the guy? Should we continue to make a playoff push? Should we just tank to get Darnold or Rosen?

After fans parse through the on field questions, almost immediately the attention turns to a different issue entirely: when will the Bills build a stadium downtown? A downtown stadium seems to be all that is talked about and it is roundly praised as something this city needs. This idea could not be worse.

The same people who want a stadium are quick to tell you how Buffalo is booming, however they forget how we got to this point. Before 2012, Canalside was nothing. We prayed for Bass Pro to come. Canalside’s boom literally can be traced to the placement of lawnchairs on the grass.

More and more, people came to enjoy open green space on the water. They started to notice the USS The Sullivans and went down to the Hatch. Elmwood turned into what it is now organically, with people drawn to the Bidwell and Delaware parks green space, allowing surrounding businesses to prosper. No matter where this stadium is put, it will trade greenspace for parking spaces.

Buffalo will keep booming and the Bills will stay in Buffalo, but a stadium downtown is not the answer. We would be selling our greenspace and character for a building that is used 10 times per year.

Nicholas J. Marino


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