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Jim Kelly on Gronk's hit on 97 Rock: 'We didn't retaliate. We didn't go after him.'

Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly wasn't happy about Rob Gronkowski's hit on Tre'Davious White.

But he wasn't happy with the Bills' response, either.

During his weekly Jim Kelly Show appearance on 97 Rock, Kelly said he was surprised that Gronkowski would deliver a hit like that, but ...

"The thing that surprised me just as much … we didn't retaliate. We didn't go after him.

"We had three guys standing there. When you see a shot like that, I don't care … If I'm the coach, yeah, you want to play smart, you don't want to play dirty, you don't want to get that penalty and all that. But boy, when you see something like that and it happens right in front of you, me as a quarterback, I might have ran over and gave him a good shot."

Kelly also harkened back to the Bills' Super Bowl-era teams in discussing retaliation.

"I tell you what, I remember back in the day … anytime anybody did something like that, whether it was me, or Thurman, or anybody, we were right there.

"Marv [Levy] always said, 'Don't play dumb, don't play dirty.' ... But the thing is, you want to come to your defense of your boys."

Listen to the complete excerpt of Kelly discussing Gronk's hit:

You can listen to this week's entire Jim Kelly Show on 97 Rock here.

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