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Sleepy victim gives friend change for phony $100 bill

A Niagara Towers man told police he was "a little out of it'' when a friend came to his apartment late Saturday night and asked him to make change for what turned out to be a phony $100 bill.

The victim, 37, said that he was awakened around 11:30 p.m. by the man, who came to his Cedar Avenue residence carrying a tattoo gun, a Bank of America card and a $100 bill. He asked the victim if he could make change for the $100 bill, and the victim briefly left the room to gather some smaller bills to exchange. The victim believes that when he stepped out of the room, his  visitor stole two of his prescription medications from the kitchen table.

On Sunday morning, the victim noticed that the $100 bill was marked "For motion picture use only.'' Police advised him of the process for obtaining an arrest warrant, if he so desired.

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