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Brutal attack on family of 4 tied to troubled friend who mixed meds, alcohol

A despondent family friend who mixed medication and alcohol launched a brutal attack on two brothers and their parents at their  home, sending three of them to the hospital for their injuries, according to Buffalo police and interviews with the victims.

The violent incident took place at 10 p.m. Nov. 26, but it wasn't logged into the Buffalo police computer system until Saturday.

Stacey Page, 61, told The Buffalo News that her older son, Andrew, was in his bedroom in their Lisbon Avenue home listening to music and talking with a good friend. She said the friend became quite loud during their conversation, and she went into the room a few times to tell him to quiet down.

Andrew Page said in an interview that the friend was lamenting that no one cared about him and that he didn't have a girlfriend, but he doesn't know precisely what sparked the assault. He said he did see his friend take some of the friend's mother's cancer medication, and drink tequila and beer, that night, and he thinks the combination affected the young man.

On the third visit to Andrew's room, Stacey Page said she found the friend on top of Andrew, punching him in the head and face. She ran toward her son and tried to pull the assailant off, but he turned and punched her in the chest and threw her against the wall, knocking her unconscious.

She came to and confronted the friend before somehow ending up on her front porch, knocked out again, with a neck injury and some memory loss. "He almost killed me," Stacey Page said. "I got the worst of anyone."

She said the friend broke her younger son's nose and he left a gash in her husband's head when he pushed the man against the wall.

Stacey, James and Adrian Page went to Erie County Medical Center for treatment. The violent friend also smashed Stacey Page's cellphone, and either Stacey Page or the friend went through the window of the front door.

The alleged assailant has not yet been charged, so The News isn't identifying him. Stacey Page expressed sympathy for the friend's mother, because of her illness, but said she intends to press charges.

Still, the incident was surprising for the Pages.

"He was a nice kid," Stacey said.

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