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Letters: President would be a lousy contestant on Jeopardy

President would be a lousy contestant on Jeopardy

A recent letter stated that ‘blind criticism’ of the present POTUS is inimical to the area, and New York state as a whole; as well as the rest of the nation.

The letter also stated that most of the loud people he talked to were ignorant of basic historical and present political facts.

The letter hit all the campaign talking points that this POTUS stressed and wants passed into law. The letter writer also stated we should be focusing our attention on policy.

With regard to taxation and the need to grow an economy that supports this republics political/social compact; corporations and business in general have become supra-citizens that do not have to answer to or play by the same constitution and tax rules that a normal individual human citizen is required to abide.

Walls built to keep the ‘bad guys’ out, have millennia of proven failure. And, we seem to be perpetuating the same racist/ethnic behavior under this POTUS.

Coal being dropped as an energy source comes as a shock to my system. I can hardly endorse a system that would deprive us of air pollution, acid rain, and strip mining, and coal ash dams. But, in the long run, these are our corporate citizens decisions to go where it is cheaper and more profitable, with the concomitant benefits of local slave labor.

So yes, I will be following policy as presented by this POTUS; and using critical thinking based on my life as a resident of many different public libraries and the facts contained therein.

I will say this about this POTUS; that he is shrewd and knows how to push that base button. For myself; I know he would never make it on Jeopardy, where lies are not facts, and facts are not lies!

Tom Druelinger

East Aurora

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