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Letters: New building will only add to Hertel Avenue miseries

New building will only add to Hertel Avenue miseries

Once again our councilmember Joel Feroleto is doing a disservice to North Buffalo.

Buffalo is being sold off to the highest bidder.

They are building a five-story building at the corner of Parkside and Hertel. There will be 34 apartments, some of them with two bedrooms, and there will be a whopping 12 parking places.

But don’t worry, you’ll need more than that because the first floor will have shopping.

I believe the plan is to make life in North Buffalo so miserable that we all move. Of course if we had adequate mass transit, we wouldn’t all need to have cars. But, unfortunately City Hall doesn’t care to do anything right when it comes to the neighborhoods.

I hope every one of those apartments remain empty and that they can’t give them away. It is so infuriating that the green code was passed and it’s nothing but a joke. None of the new builds are supposed to be more than three stories high. I’m pretty sure the green code means money, not the environment.

Parking is already a nightmare for the businesses that exist along Hertel. They already struggle to provide parking for patrons.

I don’t even invite friends to go to the restaurants along Hertel because there is no place to park. I suggest that everybody in North Buffalo call Joel Feroleto at City Hall 851-5155 and let him know how unhappy you are with this situation. Pretty soon Hertel Avenue is going to look just as ugly as Elmwood Avenue.

Debra Wesp


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