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Letter: Trump, Putin only want to stage financial coup

Trump, Putin only want to stage financial coup

If I were a conspiracy theorist I would be convinced that Trump & Putin are scheming to make the world safe for oligarchs like themselves. What Putin does to his enemies with guns, gulags, and radiation, Trump must do with his mouth. He could go down in history as the Don of Rhetorical Irony. Everything he says means something else without regard for the real world. However, that he has a concrete reality is revealed by his concept of simplification of the tax code. If passed by Congress it would enable him to retire from office much richer than when he was inaugurated. For those duped by the mystique of wealth that would mean he is smart.

According to the Bible, Job’s neighbors believed the accumulation of wealth meant goodness rewarded by the deity. They were chastised for their rhetoric on the subject. Who will chastise Trump and Putin in any manner that matters to them? They want to be admired, but they’ll settle for the great financial coup of this or any other century.

At least that’s what I would think if I were a conspiracy theorist.

John Marvin


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