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Letter: Referendum on Evans police driven by selfish motives

Referendum on Evans police driven by selfish motives

A referendum on Evans Police Department isn’t necessary; a referendum on some self-anointed two - faced citizens should be. The few people who portray themselves as the voice of the taxpayers of Evans are nothing more than political hacks of the previous town supervisor.

Where were these concerned citizens when the last administration refused to halt the bleeding and raping of the taxpayers funds. Numerous expenditures went unchecked. We the citizens of this community want our police department. We should be looking at ways to make the contract of the department more palatable, not dissolve the department.

These are men and women who live and work here full time. The Evans Taxpayers United are misinforming the citizens of this community. These two retired non-residents of the City of Buffalo with extremely generous health benefits sit in judgment of these employees who will never receive the benefits that they enjoy.

The City of Buffalo was in financial crisis and under the control board, neither of these two spoke up to help the city and take less in their benefit package.

No current or retired police officer would ever ask for a department to be dissolved.

Shame on those individuals calling for such a referendum. Citizens of this community aren’t fools and can see through their selfish motives.

This town is finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel under the guidance of this supervisor.

This is evident by the extremely low tax increase for the next budget year.

I am a retired city employee enjoying the same benefits as those complaining, but I will never seek to reduce or harm the hard workers of this community. Instead I want to thank all the town’s employees for the tasks they complete for all of us.

Vincent R. Gugliuzza

Retired deputy commissioner of BFD


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