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Letter: Funding cuts for public colleges seem based in ideology

Funding cuts for public colleges seem based in ideology

I read with great interest the Nov. 27 Washington Post article published in The Buffalo News, “Education officials see a growing disdain for colleges.”

The article states nearly every state has cut funding for public colleges and universities and welcomes private donors such as the Koch brothers and other conservative leaning scholars. It’s to balance the “liberal ideology” that they believe these colleges foster.

The article is presented under the guise of needing “life skills” such as firefighters, electricians, etc.

How wonderful to let the masses labor while the capitalists exploit them with their ideology of “we know best.” They do not want people to think critically. Do not protest, do not think, just accept. The article also points out how unaffordable college has become, leaving only the elite to attend their private institutions.

What is their ideology? “We must give more to the wealthy as they are the real job creators,” even if it did not work last time. “Capitalism rules”… even if it kills people!

It’s interesting to note that in counties with the most educated voters, they did not vote Republican.

That is real the crux of the matter. If you make college unaffordable and people are incapable of thinking critically, they will vote Republican.

Do we need firefighters, police officers and electricians? Yes, but we need an educational system that teaches people to think critically and recognize the difference between a lie and truth.

Their goal is to disdain education, exploit the masses, let the wealthy take all without protest.

Diana Butsch

West Falls

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