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Could Scary Lucy be even scarier? Reddit users think so

Leave it to Reddit to out-scary Scary Lucy.

If you don't remember her (and of course you do), Scary Lucy was an off-putting, 400-pound bronze sculpture of Lucille Ball that terrorized her hometown of Celeron until Lucy fans got the replacement statue they demanded. The New York Times called it "a grimacing, glaring hulk that would be unrecognizable were it not for a bottle of Vitameatavegamin in her hand."

Now, Scary Lucy has risen from the dead, with a Photoshop battle that broke out on Reddit. The thread, first pointed out by the folks at METV, has subredditors trying to outdo each other by altering photos of Scary Lucy to make them even scarier. There are plenty of zingers peppered throughout the thread, such as "Lucy, you got some scarin' to do" and "Lucy, I'm ho – I'm leaving." But the photos are where it's at.

There's Lucy as the Rock Biter from "The Neverending Story" by user ChazWhiz:

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Li'l Lucy indulging in Sizzurp, by NotoriousNick1:

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AintAintAWord takes her back to her roots:

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User Cluster_Schmuck presented Lucy in living, terrifying color:

Close enough?

Here, Ashleym527 shows her face as if it has been touched up by the amateur Spanish artist who "restored" the Jesus fresco:

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User gndrx imagines her as a Weeping Angel from the Dr. Who episode "Don't Blink":

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Now, this is Reddit, so many of the images are not safe for work. But perusing all of the submissions is a great way to spend a few minutes on a Friday.


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