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[BN] Blitz newsletter: Get ready for another Patriots week

Is it Patriots week again? No wonder last week's big win didn't have the same feeling around town.

Facing Tom Brady and Bill Belichick is the ultimate test for Bills coaches, and Sean McDermott better be ready. "No coach has been immune from the torment and embarrassment against the Pats in the drought," Jerry Sullivan wrote.

The Patriots' defense is shaping up, too: Everyone talks about Brady's offense, but their defense has been improving after a rough start. The Bills know 16 points again this week won't cut it against the Patriots.

Speaking of Brady: He's so good that he can even become the winningest quarterback of his era at New Era Field/Ralph Wilson Stadium. Seriously. He's one win behind Drew Bledsoe.

Injury updates: Kelvin Benjamin expects to play again this season after tearing his meniscus, but Cordy Glenn's status got murkier Wednesday.

Rex Ryan said an order to bench Tyrod Taylor led to his firing: "When I was approached last year ... and I was told to bench Tyrod Taylor, I'm like, there's no way. I'm not doing it," Ryan said Wednesday.

Have you tried the Zay Jones Challenge? Zay Jones' viral stunt video feels like redemption after a rough start to his rookie season. Some interesting stats here on why Jones' low catch rate may not be as concerning as initially thought.


Lawson expects to start again: Shaq Lawson says "everything's clear" between he and McDermott after being removed from starting lineup last week.

Mark Gaughan's X's and O's: The Pats' long game only adds to the Bills' worries. One play to watch for is the Rob Gronkowski goal-line fade.

Gronk has never had Duff's: Rob Gronkowski is back to his old self after an injury-laden season with the Patriots last year, but he revealed his chicken wing preferences Wednesday and they are kind of surprising.

Tom Brady misses Wednesday practice: But it's not a big deal. He's playing.

Good times: I tweeted Wednesday that asking Bill Belichick a question on a conference call was about the same as shaking a Magic 8 ball where every response only says, "We're focused on this week." Check out BB's answers if you don't believe it. On Brady's amazing success at age 40: "We're just taking it week-to-week here. Let's just worry about this week, trying to play well against Buffalo. This is a huge challenge for us defensively. They have a lot of disruptive players at all three levels."

Tyrod Watch: Passing inside the pocket vs. outside the pocket heading into the Patriots game.

Tre'Davious Tracker: White is back in Defensive Rookie of the Year discussion.

Trivia: How many 300-yard games does Brady have vs. Buffalo?

What They Said: Sean McDermott on injuries, the process and the Patriots' dominance; Tyrod Taylor, LeSean McCoy and Tre'Davious White on the Patriots.

Tim Graham Show: CBS Sports Radio's Scott Ferrall on struggling Sabres, Bills QBs

Podcast: Can the Bills beat Patriots once this month?

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