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Letters: There’s more to be incensed about than a political cartoon

There’s more to be incensed about than a political cartoon

Again, I don’t know where to begin:

A letter to call out Rod Watson on calling out a Confederate flag-flyer as an invader of privacy. The man is flying a flag. Outside. How much less private can you get? And the “history is history”? He’s celebrating a history of racism, not of any bravery on the battlefield.

An angry writer can’t stand the cartoon depicting the Nativity. It’s a cartoon. It is not offensive to our savior and his parents.

I think some readers may need to stop looking at political cartoons altogether, since they just don’t get it. They’re supposed to make you angry, just not angry at the cartoon. They should teach this stuff in high school, “Comics versus cartoons as statements against the ridiculous government we have, and the people who ‘run’ it.”

There are larger problems to get apoplectic over, the disappointing presence of sexual aggression running through organizations including the government, the Groper-in-Chief, the growing threat of Iran, which has only gotten worse with Trump in office, the tax overhaul, which is an attack on the middle class and the elderly, and the insidiousness of the erosion of our democracy as we stand by and let it happen.

George Orwell was a few years early, but “1984” is coming to pass. A drawing is the least of your worries. You just don’t know it yet.

Becky Arcese


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