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Letters: Hoping to find common ground on gun debate in the new year

Hoping to find common ground on gun debate in the new year

Imagine your morning commute with no traffic lanes, stop signs, traffic signals or speed limits. None of these existed prior to the advent and proliferation of the automobile. Society adapted to changes in transportation and progressed accordingly.

When the Second Amendment was adopted, the weapon du jour was a slow-loading musket. As with the automobile, weapons have been developed in the past 200 years on the basis of increased destruction to be used for military operations. There is absolutely no place or justification for assault weapons or bump-stock conversion kits in the general population.

A recent city shooting by a homeowner protecting himself and his property reported that he legally used a shotgun. Personal defense does not warrant an AR-15 or AK-47, and this example clearly refutes that argument.

If we are to avoid future gun massacres, we need laws updating the Second Amendment by prohibiting military-style weapons from being available to the general public.

We need to address our own domestic demons (those citizens who, for whatever reason, feel the need to annihilate multiple lives.)

The gun buyer database also needs an overhaul, as evidenced by the current Justice Department investigation.

Traffic safety rules don’t prevent every death on the road, but they do decrease the numbers. Let’s work from both sides of the gun debate to limit the most destructive military style firearms for the purposes intended. Here’s hoping we can find some common ground in the new year.

Helen M. Shoff

West Seneca

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