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Letters: Bliss comic again misses the mark on ‘mirth’

Bliss comic again misses the mark on ‘mirth’

Harry Bliss wrote a commentary in Everybody’s Column on Nov. 22, apologizing for any pain caused by his “Walk of Shame” comic published in The Buffalo News Nov. 3. Mr. Bliss stated that “his intentions are always to bring mirth to readers, never pain.” With that comment in mind from Mr. Bliss, I have to question where the “mirth” is in the Nov. 22 “Bliss” comic depicting a family entering a hotel suite and the proprietor stating “the suite is half the rate, but there is blood on everything.” What’s funny about this comic? Given recent events, where is the “mirth” in this comic? I think this comic is absolutely inappropriate. Shame on you Mr. Bliss!

Diane M. Kunert


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