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Letter: Syracuse mayor’s agenda may be blueprint for future

Syracuse mayor’s agenda may be blueprint for future

Like many Western New York residents, I read the paper every day and try to stay educated and current with the politics in New York. I’d wager most would agree with me that the task is daunting, to say the least. So it was with great surprise that the Nov. 22 commentary by Sean Kirst on Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner was a real revelation.


For the first time I can remember we have a politician who is looking at the issues irrespective of political party and even (gasp) outlining something to be done.

Here’s a thought. The News should give her full attention.

This woman may actually have something to offer besides the usual nonsense we get day after day from almost all directions. How about explaining that tax breaks, corporate offshore accounts and all the other “evils” exist because they are legal and in our U.S. tax code? This is allowed to happen by political will of both parties.

And one more wish. Maybe, just maybe, all New Yorkers will finally realize that our out-of-control state taxes are the real issue. It’s deplorable that Chuck Schumer gets on a high horse and complains that we all will suffer with any new tax plan that removes our ability to deduct the horrendous taxes in New York. Geez.

Why are they so high and what person in their right mind would develop a business model that depends on someone else giving a benefit (the federal government) because New York can’t or won’t get it together?

A vote for the status quo is a vote for zero change. But if the current state is so wonderful, why is the paper filled with letters vilifying one side or the other? State leadership has failed New York for so long and in such a huge way that for many of us it seems as if there is no solution possible.

Miner just may have the first steps toward a way out.

Vincent J. Morabito


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