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Letter: People worthy of gratitude don’t whine about a ‘thank you’

People worthy of gratitude don’t whine about a ‘thank you’

After the return of the UCLA basketball players and the latest embarrassing exchange between the president and a private citizen, I have a serious question I’d like to ask Trump supporters.

I am going to assume that many of you have been hardworking, responsible citizens throughout your lives. People that were always willing to lend a hand to friends, family members and neighbors that may have needed one.

Over the course of your lives, have you ever stood by after helping someone waiting for a special thank you?

How about people you have most respected in your life? Those folks that have shoveled the elderly person’s driveway, helped a stranger change a tire, or shopped for a housebound friend?

Would you still respect them if they stood around waiting for a thank you?

Good people do good things without expecting a thank you. Funny thing is, they are the ones most likely to get gratitude and thanks.

In my opinion, people that have to beg for a thank you, and whine if it’s not quick enough, are rarely worth thanking in the first place.

My question to those of you that can still find a way to support this man is … why?

Vincent P. Arnone


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