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Letter: Christian conservative explains stance on illegal immigration

Christian conservative explains stance on illegal immigration

As a Christian conservative, I am often asked how I can be against illegal immigration.

Certainly, as the argument goes, we should show compassion on fellow humans.

There are three points that must be made.

First. This country has had immigration policies for many years, and many of our families arrived here legally. People trying to come here legally are being forced back because we now have a problem with people who don’t believe they should follow the laws of the land.

Second. When we take people from other countries, we very often take their most talented people.

This leaves a vacuum in those countries, and those countries are now in worse shape, because they have less human talent to help those countries help themselves.

So, for every one person we allow in illegally, we are in effect potentially destroying tens of thousands of lives in that person’s homeland.

Third. As a Christian, the Bible is very clear on this subject. We are directed by our Creator to take care of ourselves first, then, because we are doing things properly biblically, God can bless us and we can help others. In this country, we have homeless, people living in poverty and people are in financial dire straits every day. It is our biblical duty to first take care of these people, then we are in a better position to help others. We already have laws to allow people in this country legally, and we need to become a nation of laws again.

We cannot take everyone who wants to come here, so we have to obey the laws, or we will become a Third World country ourselves.

Martin Dziwulski


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