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Letter: Blue laws needed to keep stores closed on major holidays

Blue laws needed to keep stores closed on major holidays

I concur with the Nov. 7 letter about Thanksgiving. It is about giving thanks to God, and Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, not material things and consumerism

Unfortunately, most big-box retailers have slowly but surely been having stores open Thanksgiving over the past few years.

Our country needs to enact “blue laws,” similar to those in Canada, that keep stores and businesses closed on certain major religious and national holidays or after certain hours on others as well, as those in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Rhode Island that keep stores closed on Thanksgiving.

Moreover, Columbus Day, which pits Americans of Italian descent against those of indigenous roots, needs to be done away with and we need to move Thanksgiving to that day, the same day on which Canada celebrates its Thanksgiving to eliminate the crazy, frenetic “Black Friday.”

Veterans Day should then also be celebrated with patriotism, much like Memorial Day as well.

Religious and national holidays should be about their original meanings and traditions, rather consumerism and materialism, and raking in huge profits.

Kevin F. Yost


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