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Letter: A renewed call to preserve St. Ann’s Church on East Side

A renewed call to preserve St. Ann’s Church on East Side

One-hundred thirty-five years ago, German immigrants settled here in Buffalo on the East Side.

Their purpose was for a better and prosperous life.

These individuals, with no more than the money in their pockets, donated their pennies, nickels and dimes and, yes, their sweat, blood and tears to build a structure dedicated to their faith in God and a city with a bright future.

That structure is St. Ann’s on Broadway. This structure rivals some of the most beautiful cathedrals in Europe.

The bishop of Buffalo won the appeal and has the approval to close St. Ann’s and dismantle its beautiful architecture and artifacts, and our forefathers dreams and faith.

What stewards of faith’s legacy have we become. Yes, the church is not as vibrant as a parish anymore. However, the building and its artwork and history are still relevant.

I urge the Friends of St. Ann’s and the bishop to come to a compromise. I believe the church can be downgraded to a shrine/chapel designation.

It will still be a testament to our city’s faith both present and past and future.

Chris Ceryak


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