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Letter: Where’s the indignation over Congress’ harassment slush fund

Where’s the indignation over Congress’ harassment slush fund

It seems like the indignation displayed by House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other politicians is only evident when the sexual escapades of members of the House and Senate are made public.

I refer to Roy Moore, Al Franken, Weiner, Clinton and others too numerous to mention whose perverted deeds were exposed in public.

I wonder, however, where is the indignation from Democrats and Republicans who knew a private slush fund of taxpayers’ money has existed for over a decade and has been used to defend and hide from the public the political perverts that use their power to prey on the helpless.

Where is the indignation when the Congressional Office of Compliance (OOC), responsible for handling sexual harassment complaints and settlements, reported that $15.2 million of taxpayer money was paid by the Treasury Department to settle 235 cases of Capitol Hill workplace violations.

The spouses and family members of these politicians should know that dealing with complaints of sexual harassment “is not a victim-friendly process,” rather “it is an institution-protection process,” so said Rep. Jackie Speier.

Yet some spouses expect the innocence of the politicians to be believed and the testimony of the many that come forward to be discounted.

Perhaps they should wonder why 75 percent of those who reported sexual harassment experienced retaliation and why the names of the harassers are not made public.

Phillip Sparacino

East Amherst

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