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Letter: Voters must take action in the next election cycle

Voters must take action in the next election cycle

I have always loved history, especially ancient history, ancient Greece, ancient Rome, etc.

Greece and Rome were examples of early democracies. Rome rose, declined and fell. Morals disappeared, people didn’t care about each other. Their senators got greedy, and tried to profit off their countrymen. They stopped building their society.

I look at what is happening to us, and all around us, locally, statewide and in our federal government. It used to be that those we elected set an example of decency, morality and honesty.

We argue, and disagree with each other about our leaders. Quite a few are less than honest. Greed is prevalent. Power seems to be all that is important, but very rarely to be used for good. This may have been coming. However, I truly believe that Trump, with his dishonesty, bigotry, prejudices and bullying, has helped to escalate it.

I feel our society is gravitating to the dark side. Mass shootings, less value and respect for life. Morality seems to have less meaning. Our society is becoming less than great. Our democracy is in decline. Is this where we want to be? Is this the world we want for our children and grandchildren? I think not. I think it is worth preserving our society and democracy.

Our current administration is headed in the wrong direction. I do believe justice will prevail, and the truth will win out. Trump has plenty to account for, as do a number of those in Congress.

I believe that Mueller’s investigation will begin to clean up the chaos that exists in our government. He will be fair and just. We can help this process along in the 2018 elections.

I plan on voting country over party. We must weed out the Trumps and Roy Moores, and others like them.

JoAnn M. Calandra

East Amherst

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