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Letter: Trump supporters should explain their blind fealty

Trump supporters should explain their blind fealty

Let me be clear, those folks who voted for Donald Trump are not at fault. Our already great country guarantees their choice of conscience through the election process.

However, what puzzles me, after nearly one year of hearing ”Give him a chance,” is that many of those same voters continue to approve of his actions.

What am I missing here? Day after predictable day, President Trump reinforces the notion that, as our leader, he is unwise, imprudent, vindictive, and childish. These traits, thus far, have proven that he will not lead anyone to greatness.

In fact, the contrary seem to be unfolding, as he has led us to the very brink of conflict with North Korea, lowered our moral standards bar, and now wants to offer massive tax cuts to the uber-wealthy under the inane guise of “good for the economy.”

I encourage, in a friendly way, supporters of this president to please explain, not their vote, but their continued support of him.

What am I missing here?

Joseph Ciarlo

East Aurora

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