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Letter: Tax reform plan returns missing corporate dollars

The business climate in the USA has not been feasible for businesses for quite some time due to high corporate taxes. As a result many American businesses such as Ingersoll-Rand Company, Tyco International and many others have moved their headquarters to foreign countries that have very little or no overbearing corporate taxes.

Over the years billions of dollars have been drained out of our taxation system, ever increasingly spreading the burden to citizen’s taxes.
Finally there is a plan to lower corporate taxes that will bring back billions of dollars as American corporations graciously move back to America to resume their obligation of paying fair taxes. Understanding there may be downsides to this plan that may affect certain individual tax payers. The rebuilding of government taxation funds will enable our government to once again restructure taxation codes to lower citizen’s obligations.

In all fairness it is only right to pass the impending tax cut law to restructure corporate taxes to bring our American financial system back to proper balance. Let us bring our American corporate headquarters back to America to continue making America great again.

Russell D. Ward

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