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Letter: Some Democrats are blindly criticizing the president

Some Democrats are blindly criticizing the president

Letter after letter, slamming President Trump.

The media, jumping on every single word, anything that could be interpreted in a negative manner. People writing in, voicing displeasure and saying that morally, ethically and in many other ways, the guy isn’t fit to be president.

It’s very simple really, the people that “support” Donald Trump want lower taxes, want our jobs to stay here, free but fair trade, secure borders and our families safe.

We think it’s a bad idea to bring potentially dangerous people here. The TV says that we need to let these people in, because “that’s who we are.”

What, are we stupid now?

We can see that the intentional shutting down of our coal industry, in the name of the environment, has actually created a loss of jobs here, and even more pollution overseas, along with slave labor.

I’ve questioned some of the louder voices. I found that they don’t know who the vice president is, don’t know how many members are in the U.S. House, think that Abe Lincoln was a Democrat, and on and on.

Why would anybody have such a strong “opinion,” with such little actual knowledge?

I do get it, to a degree. Some are loyal to a political party. Unfortunately, that party left working people in the dust, a long time ago. If you’re a working person, you’re supporting the Cadillac Medicaid that New York hands out.

It’s on your back, and there’s no reason for it.

You’re supporting the incredibly high taxes, here in New York. Our kids are streaming out of here in droves, to find work, but for some reason, we aren’t smart enough to initiate change.

Policy is where people should be focusing their attention.

Even without knowledge of economics and history, it isn’t hard to figure out if a given policy is helping, or hurting us, despite the false narrative being offered to support bad policy.

We can only help others, if we are strong. Let’s be strong.

Patrick McLaughlin


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