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Letter: Low-tax states should not foot the bill for New York

Low-tax states should not foot the bill for New York

The federal government levies income tax on everyone in the United States. They currently allow those who itemize the ability to deduct state and local taxes in determining their federal income tax. New York does not allow a deduction for federal income taxes paid. The state makes us pay tax on all our income even though a substantial amount went to the federal government in income taxes. That is double taxation.

Why would we expect low-tax states to subsidize our high-tax state by reducing the amount of our federal taxes we pay because we pay more to our state. The doubling of the standard deduction will offset this change for many, especially renters who do not own a home. Our state lawmakers ought to concentrate on reducing our taxes. Our federal lawmakers ought to concentrate on getting back from Washington as much as we send there.

It is unrealistic to expect Florida, Texas and other low-tax states to pay more in federal taxes than us because New York levies such high taxes on its residents.

Robert Carroll


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