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Letter: Column on flag unfairly taints Tonawanda residents

Column on flag unfairly taints Tonawanda residents

In reference to Rod Watson’s article, “The South shall rise again…in Tonawanda,” painting our suburb as racist because of one flag flying high on Parker Boulevard is unfair. Actually, Watson, there are many of us in Tonawanda who are disgusted by it. We are aware of First Amendment rights but, trust me, discussions occur on a regular basis among neighbors and friends about the abhorrence of this flag. Thank you to Town Supervisor Joseph Emminger, who voiced his and the Town Board’s disgust with the flag.

Since the time I moved to Tonawanda 25 years ago, I have happily witnessed a transformation toward a more diverse, progressive community. The Town Board has identified goals that will help us become more energy efficient, provide safer streets for bicyclists and pedestrians and develop land that will give us greater access to our river. Also, our school district is made up of highly skilled, hard-working teachers who place children first. Those who feel emboldened to fly a Confederate flag and berate the diversity of our country are thankfully not the norm here. They stand out. It is very likely that the police keep an eye on them. The truth is that in the United States of America we are becoming more diverse and this reality will continue to reassert itself every day in our daily lives. I am thankful to live in Tonawanda and intend to remain an active member with a positive outlook. The Confederate flag will not derail me!

Patricia Meyer-Lee

Town of Tonawanda

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