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Letter: Cartoon draws an unholy connection to Roy Moore

Cartoon draws an unholy connection to Roy Moore

As a Christian I’m appalled at the Nov. 16 cartoon by Adam Zyglis. To compare St. Joseph and The Virgin Mary to Roy Moore is sacrilegious and ridiculous.

I have always held Christmas and the representation of The Blessed Mary and St. Joseph as holy. I think a better cartoon would be the Easter Bunny and Lady Gaga.

Zyglis should go for consultation and refresh his training on religion. Whatever he is trying to say with this drawing I find offensive and unnecessary. This world is in such jeopardy to make such a damaging connection of our sacred holy day and the political world is ludicrous.

With the disclosure of the “slush fund” for political figures on both sides of the aisle to fund power-hungry abusers, I think The News should help clear the swamp of all these harassment allegations and set a better example for people who are on the edge of sanity ready to flip.

The latest example is a mother of a shooter claiming her son is a good boy. Come on, let’s get on the reality bus and call it what it is.

James Lenahan


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