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Letter: Birds have gone missing in the wind turbine issue

Birds have gone missing in the wind turbine issue

There has been much coverage on the subject of wind turbines, pro and con. They are ugly, they invade the habitats of animals, and they don’t deliver much bang for the buck. But there is one issue which I believe, is being suppressed.

Three million birds are being slaughtered worldwide every year by these turbines.

The figure for the United States exceeds 386,000 per year. The blades rip their bodies to pieces. The turbines serve as sucking machines as they draw the birds into the heart of the blades, with the same effect.

So, I wonder, where are the environmentalists? The Audubon Society is actively fighting to eliminate these turbines, thank goodness. So I put in a call to (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) PETA.

There wasn’t anything on their website about the rising body count, nothing about the environmental impact. After all, these are people who risk their lives saving whales. So I called PETA. All I got was voicemail. OK.

PETA, if I’m wrong about this, tell me publicly. I wonder if the silence is because of cognitive dissonance. Wind turbines are green energy. Slaughtering birds in the process must be for them, collateral damage.

I hope that someday we will know for sure.

Helen Westover


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