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What They Said: Bills coach Sean McDermott, Chiefs coach Andy Reid postgame


After three bad games, your defense played tremendously today. Can you speak to that? “Well our run defense to start, we will start there. I thought our run defense was outstanding. I thought we played fundamentally good football and that is a credit to the hard work the guys have put in, the coaches included. It starts up front and then you go in from there. You talk about the third downs and the tackling and you know obviously the big take away at the end of the game was a game sealer for us. That was a good defensive effort overall and a team defensive effort. So credit to Leslie Frazier and his staff.”

You and your coaches seemed to really dig in this game. The national media was really digging into you and you have responded. “We are focused on what we do. I mean the adversity that this team has been through. These guys push through. The coaches push through. They bonded together and they invested and that is where it starts. You know focusing on the process and this was not easy. To come in here and win against Kansas City, a well-coached football team. I give a lot of credit to Andy and his staff and their players. This is a good football team and to go on the road like we have and face adversity like we have and to push through it like we did, like our players and coaches did, was phenomenal.”

What did going back to Tyrod (Taylor) do? “Just overall going back to today, we played good team offense. We found the ball well. At times, I thought Tyrod used his feet, at times, and then we had some critical third down conversions on some drives. There was some good things going on there and it was not just one guy. It was spread across the offense, which is good to see.”

What They Said: Taylor, Zay Jones, White, Schmidt, Alexander after win against Chiefs

What does it mean to you to come in a beat your mentor, Andy Reid? “I have learned a lot from him, on and off the field. Any time you can beat an Andy Reid coached football team, that is saying something. But you go back to a lot of the things we do, I learned from Andy and that is not going to change. He laid out a blueprint for me for 12 years of how to do things the right way and that is why he is where he is in terms of the all-time wins list. I think he is top 12, top 10, somewhere up there. That does not happen by mistake or by accident.”

They did not have a conversion in the first half. Did you do anything special? “We knew we had to do some things on first and second down, in order to set ourselves up on third down. And we got into some favorable situations on third down. I like some of the things we did on third down. I thought we rushed better and we covered with better techniques. Situational football was big, third downs being one of them.”

Special teams, Colton (Schmidt) and (Brandon) Tate and their efforts kind of helped you stay in favorable field position most of game.

“Yeah, that is big. Number 10 (Chiefs WR Tyreek Hill), he is a weapon back there and he is a game changer. So, I thought our special teams did a great job in terms of creating field position for our offense or not giving their offense favorable field position, in particular, in the first half. Colton had a big game in terms of the ball placement and trust with where our coverage units were going and knowing the ball would be there and he would put it right there. Then (Stephen) Hauschka had the early deal, but came back and said he wanted that kick right before half and he nailed it.”

With the three-game losing streak that you were on, did you at any point feel like that good start was slipping away from you? “Well we just focused on our process. That is what we do. You have heard me say this before, this league is going to try to move you in a lot of different directions in one season alone and who can stay focused and stay together the longest, that is what happens through injuries, through adversity. We just try to stay focused on that process and hanging together and that is what we have to do moving forward.”

What do you say to suggestions that this makes it even clearer that you made the wrong call on quarterbacks last week? “I am focused on the next game. I am focused on the next game. I thought we came out today on offense and did some good things. I told you last week that I did the right thing for this football team and I believe that. What is important right now is what just happened this week and where we are going next week and that is what we have to focus on.”

Is he your quarterback until you are eliminated from the playoffs? “Tyrod is our quarterback for next week.”

On next week, what do you have to do better playing against New England? “Well they are a good football team, just like this team. Obviously, they are world champs and until someone else is world champs, they are the reigning world champs. So we have a lot to improve from today and we have to focus on that. We obviously have a healthy respect for the next opponent every week and this week it is obviously the defending world champs so we have a lot of work to do.”

Before any film is watched here, it looked like your secondary and even linebackers were good in coverage. Anything special going on there? “Not really, just overall better techniques and fundamentals. Good communication pre-snap in terms of things going on before the snap. We were getting some things going there. I just thought the guys executed a great game plan by coach Frazier.”

The idea that you could lose your locker room, it didn’t look like that today. What does that say about the guys? “That is, like I said before, these guys hang together. They know, in terms of people, basically I am giving them a chance. That was the case at the beginning of the season and that has not changed so there are a bunch of guys in that locker room with a lot of heart and character and integrity. Well you get those things together, you have a chance for something pretty good. I appreciate those guys and their leadership.”

You only have six of them, but is this your signature win? “It is the next win. I am focused on obviously right now enjoying this one for a little bit, but we have a lot of work to do. The world champs are coming to Buffalo so got a lot of work to do.”


Opening Statement: “As far as injuries go (Eric) Murray has an ankle sprain or foot sprain, they’re working on that right now. Other than that, injury-wise we were fine. That’s my responsibility when the offense starts that slow and I’ll go back and look at that. Really we didn’t get much rhythm going until the second half and then we got a little going. Again, I’ll take responsibility for that. I thought our defense, again, started fast, did some good things. Field position ended up being a bit of a factor, we weren’t able to flip it from an offensive standpoint which you need to do in the first half. Again, we need to do a better job. We need to score touchdowns and we’re not doing that.”

You say that it’s your responsibility, but you also say at times that everybody’s got a piece of it. How big of a piece does the quarterback have? “Everybody’s got a piece on that when you say that. He’s going to stand up here and tell you that same thing. I can do a better job of putting him in better positions to make plays, the offensive line can block better and receivers, you know, every catch isn’t going to be an easy catch. So we’ve all got a little of this.”

Do you see teams putting more up toward the line of scrimmage now than the first five games? “This group was different. They did a little different thing with us. It wasn’t anything that we haven’t seen or haven’t been successful against. We were off. We have to get through this and get it changed around.”

Like you say everyone’s got a piece of this, but still the quarterback is one of those guys and you guys need a spark right now. Did you consider at all making a change at quarterback? “No. I didn’t”

Going forward would you consider it? “No. That’s not where I’m at right now. There’s a couple other things that I’ve got to take care of.”

What’s your message to the guys right now? “Every game is not a perfect game, so you’re going to go through some hard times. You stick together, you work hard and you get through it. Then you’re real with your game. We’re all real with our game and then good things will happen.”

You said last week that the defense played well enough to win. Do you still have the same takeaway from today’s game? “I thought we started fast defensively. That’s what I thought we did and we’ve got to do the same thing offensively. We’re not doing that. That’s what I’m telling you is my responsibility. You have to get going and we’re not.”

Is there a sense of shock when you lose a game like you did last week and you expect a much better performance and this one was just as bad? “We expect better of ourselves. Yeah, we expect better of ourselves and you should. Again, that’s something that I’ve got to make sure that I work out.”

How do you feel like you did in terms of clock management in the second half and does the quarterback have a piece of that too? “I’m not sure exactly what part you’re talking about.”

Just like in the fourth quarter there wasn’t a lot of hurry up, there was a lot of going back to the huddles. “What was the score?”

16-10. “Yeah you get a touchdown you’re right there. We had plenty of time. When was the interception? You look at the interception there was plenty of time of on the clock, that wasn’t the problem.”

What have you seen from Reggie Ragland as far as how he has helped the rush defense? “This is without looking at the tape, but I thought he made quite a few plays out there. He’s getting better every week which is a plus.”


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