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Letters: We shouldn’t underestimate the impact, power of words

We shouldn’t underestimate the impact, power of words

As I begin each morning, two important things are in my hands, my coffee and The Buffalo News.

I flip through to the most inspiring sections first, My View, then onto the various word challenges. I leave the comics for last because of the healing power of laughter. Who among us doesn’t need that after reading the events of this troubled world around us? As so aptly written in the Nov. 18 My View, by frequent contributor Bob Poczik, “a simple compliment can be a lifeline.” Simply put, I say, never underestimate the power of words! I’ve laughed and I’ve cried, I’ve cut out and kept articles, even as they’ve yellowed with time. More often than not, I’m surprised by the other emotions these powerhouses elicit all on their own, just for having been written or spoken.

Whether ours or someone else’s, written or spoken, words impact our lives. They have the power to build, or to destroy, a person, or a nation. They have the power to injure, or to heal.

That’s a whole lot of power indeed!

I feel fortunate to have the choice and diversity of articles within the paper to read, and to start my day.

Kathleen Hackford

West Seneca

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