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Letter: Black Friday shoppers tend to forget manners

Black Friday shoppers tend to forget manners

Do shoppers just throw their manners out of the car window on the way to Black Friday shopping?

It seems like every year I go shopping, people become more crazed. I understand that Black Friday is a busier time than usual. I’m all for sitting outside of stores hours before they open, and running to a certain store to get my shopping done in time. However, when you’re making an unpleasant experience for the other shoppers it becomes too much.

Every year on Black Friday I have been pushed around by frantic shoppers and have watched them get into fights over the last item on the rack. It seems like people become absolutely brainwashed by these sales. I’m an 18-year-old female and I love to shop, especially when there’s a good sale, but come on, do shoppers really need to be so rude? It seems ridiculous, but the madness is real.

Many customers prefer to stay inside on Black Friday to avoid the insanity. It is sad because many shoppers would love to go out, but they don’t want to deal with other shoppers’ attitudes.

Black Friday is supposed to be an enjoyable time for everyone to go out and shop with their friends and families. Instead of acting foolish over a sale, shoppers should be courteous of one another. It’s the holiday season; let everyone be merry and have an opportunity to experience a pleasurable Black Friday.

Brenda Denz


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