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Letter: Trump continues to perpetuate the worst characteristics

Trump continues to perpetuate the worst characteristics

I moved to the United States because my parents feared the violence and dangers of Mexico. Well, now we are here and a new threat alarms us more. The most powerful job of the United States is in the hands of the most dangerous and irrational person: President Donald Trump.

It hasn’t even been a year since Trump was elected as president, and already so much criticism towards his way of ruling has erupted. He might be smart and good at finances, but his lack of morality and logic outweighs his intelligence.

The unwise decisions he makes only reflect that he only cares about himself, not any of the millions of people living in the United States, and much less of the people in other countries. His childish attitude and short temperament are obvious symptoms that he is not suited for this much power, the power that with the push of one button, could start a nuclear war.

As a leader, he should be able to represent his citizens in a formal and cordial way and, more importantly, try to keep us away from war and violence. But his actions of discrimination, sexism and racism only continue to feed anger and hate towards not only America, but to others in the world. We, as citizens, should demand more from our representatives. He should appeal to words, not war.

Luz Andrea Araujo-Ramirez


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