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Letter: Ryan needs to finally break the awful political silence

Ryan needs to finally break the awful political silence

I am so angry at Paul Ryan, who expects us to believe he is a devout Catholic. He is silent about everything that is happening, which is in opposition to the Catholic stands on social justice. Of course he fights against abortion, as most Christians do, but what about the rest?

Let’s take the environment. Our pope is very much concerned about the destruction of this planet, and when Trump wants bill after bill passed to destroy the agency that protects our environment, I only hear Paul Ryan say he is in step with the president. So we will have more Love Canals and more Detroit drinking water disasters.

The discrimination of different races and people of different cultures and the tightening of immigration is also backed by this president, and yet there is only silence from Paul Ryan. In fact, he stated they are in agreement with the president and they have worked with him to accomplish their agenda.

What will a man do to retain power?

The tax bill is a laugh and yet Ryan is one of the originators. If giving the wealthy more money would help our workers with better wages, we would already have seen it. This is nothing but “trickle-down” economy and we know that didn’t work for President Bush.

The stock market is booming, which tells me that industry is enjoying huge profits. Where are the wage increases? This president is obsessed with making money, and everything he does is to help the wealthy make more money.

Why the big drive to get rid of Obamacare? The Republican bills passed have done everything in their power to destroy it, instead of working to make the health bill sustainable. It is evident that Trump hates President Obama, and everything he accomplished,Trump has tried to destroy, from health care to our environment.

Where is the courage to tell this man who claims to be our president?

Connie Rudes

East Amherst

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