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Letter: It’s too bad that every day isn’t seen as Veterans Day

It’s too bad that every day isn’t seen as Veterans Day

Veterans Day 2017 has come and gone for another year. The Buffalo News and the national media did a great job publicizing and acknowledging all our veterans from all past and present wars and conflicts.

Our World War I vets and World War II vets are in their 80s and 90s and the numbers are dwindling more and more each passing year.

Even today’s Vietnam vets, mostly in their 60s and 70s, don’t look the part as war veterans.

It was nice to see all the old photos of ’Nam vets struggling through rice paddies and sweltering heat with their heavy packs, ammo belts and M-16s.

Only as a reminder to what we endured as teenagers in combat.

Many friends and relatives say how could you possibly have endured that kind of heat and terrain while being shot at and terrorized by enemy soldiers as teenagers? Well, it wasn’t easy, and all who served and went to ’Nam have lasting memories. And as soldiers in our teens and early 20s was a blessing in disguise.

We were young and we bonded in boot camp and kept that bond throughout our tours in ’Nam. Back home, while there were protests and division, we as brothers in arms had our sights set on one thing, survival. Black, white and everything in between we were one for all and all for one.

My only regret as Veterans Day is behind us for another year is that every day isn’t looked at as Veterans Day.

There are so many vets from past wars that are still struggling with PTSD, Agent Orange and medical issues that the VA still does not recognize. And now there are many young vets from our recent encounters in Afghanistan and Kuwait that are struggling with combat issues.

To all past and present soldiers and vets, job well done and keep up the good fight. Push for everything you have coming you earned it.

Phil Ryan USMC (Vietnam vet)

West Seneca

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