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Letter: Dems could resolve SALT by lowering state taxes

Dems could resolve SALT by lowering state taxes

I’m sending this letter as a service to Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the rest of the Democrats lambasting those rascally Republicans who want to eliminate the state and local tax deduction (SALT). Eliminating the SALT tax deduction would harm high-tax states such as New York.

The solution is simple. Lower taxes in New York State.

The result would be keeping your own and importing other high-income earners that are fleeing the elimination of the SALT deduction in their own high-income tax states. The benefit to the lower and middle class would be that they could spend more of their own money instead of sending it to Albany for politicians to spend.

This strategy would also work with the governor’s ongoing dispute with the Seneca Nation of Indians. If gas and tobacco taxes were lowered or eliminated, there would be no financial incentive to drive 30 miles to fill up on gas and smokes at the reservation. This would greatly benefit locally owned grocery stores, supermarkets and gas stations that sell tobacco products and gasoline.

There is nothing noble about paying high taxes. If it was noble to pay high taxes there would be no reason to have secret accounts in the Cayman Islands or Swiss bank accounts hiding wealth from taxation.

Feel free to pass this lowering taxes idea on to other liberal tax and spending politicians.

You’re welcome!

David H. Grzybowski


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