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Letter: Black Friday has become the most American holiday

Black Friday has become the most American holiday

Black Friday is the most American holiday we celebrate. It’s a celebration of pointless consumerism, and why not? The hype built up to certain products and great sales builds tension like a big football game. This nationwide shopping mall sporting event boosts the economy, all while giving the people what they want: more products like clothes, TV’s and kitchen appliances that will never be used, and toys that will be played with once. Whatever a person desires can be found on sale on Black Friday.

Our country was built on this over-consumerism beginning with the economic boom of post World War II America. Black Friday is the pinnacle of this upward trend. A day specifically geared towards the spending of money. This money isn’t even usually money, but credit. All for products we don’t truly need. Is this the future of holidays in America?

Traditional family holidays are going out the window. Instead of sitting around the table with a turkey and ten side dishes; we are now waiting in lines at 5 a.m. with an extra-large latte. Is the conversation between a mother and daughter waiting in a line any less because it’s not around a table? This might be the natural evolution of holidays as we know them. I welcome this new species of holiday. Spending money as a family is far more bonding than dinner around a table.

Colin Alley


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