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Voice of the Fan: We have now entered ... fandelirium

The late great Bills announcer Van Miller coined the iconic phrase "fandemonium" to describe the raucous, rabid atmosphere at Rich Stadium/the Ralph/New Era Field.

And while earlier this season it was the perfect description for the upstart 2017 Bills, by Thanksgiving week there is no joy in Mudville anymore.

Buffalo fans have left fandemonium and entered fandelirium.

We don't know what to do with ourselves and our Billswear, how to think (rationally), who to scream at, what and who to root for, etc. Messing with our heads has been a Bills franchise staple this entire century and this may be the most disturbing and debilitating yet.

We need to vent and there are too many options!

OK, the first order of business for fandelerium is Sunday's game. So let's get that out of the way.

Steven Hauschka is the best onside kicker I have ever seen.

Sure, we didn't recover either of them, but they were fantastic kicks. And Hauschka did boot his 13th straight 50-yard or more FG, setting an all-time NFL record.

And the tailgate for Bills fans was fantastic.

Thus ends the "What we did well" section of the Bills 54-24 drubbing by the Chargers at the StubToe Center in Los Angeles.

OK, fine. StubHub.

Quick trivia question: The paid attendance at the Bills-Chargers game was 25,015. Can you name them?

Even Lesean McCoy, a fantasy football great who gave a heroic effort with 114 yards rushing, 8.8 yards per carry, scored two touchdowns (one on a fourth down pass), and got considerable chunkability on four sizable scampers, shouldn't really count, because he was barely a factor after the first quarter.

Nothing else went well. The hangover the Bills put on themselves and the fans may as well be called Fandelirium Tremens, and by the end of the first quarter we were suffering telltale withdrawal symptoms like shaking, confusion and hallucinations.

In what will be known as "Peterman's Folly," coach Sean McDermott made a historic mental error, trotting out a woefully unprepared fifth-round draft pick rookie on the road, across the country, against two ferocious man-eaters playing defensive end, with horrendous blocking, and an offensive coordinator who needs to be sent to the clue factory.

In his first start, Nathan Peterman began poorly and then tapered off.

In Peterman's defense, he had no chance, but took them anyway. The same as his rookie coach. It wasn't fair to Peterman to put him in that situation.

But let's forget about Peterman's Folly for now, because there are way too many other problems Bills fans can take issue with.

Like blocking, tackling, covering, preparing and effort.

You know ... football.

The late November Bills have simply forgotten how to perform the most basic football skills and techniques. Everywhere. The blocking on special teams for Brandon Tate was as bad as it was on offense for Peterman. The defensive backs didn't cover wide receivers, tight ends or running backs. We even blitzed all the time and still got no pass rush.

The coaches didn't adjust pre-game, in-game, at halftime, the second half, or even afterward when reporters and fans were given cliches and platitudes in post-game press conferences by Coach McD, who is looking more like Ronald McD lately. The recently embattled rookie coach has few answers and a lot of question marks.

But let's face it. Bills Nation as a whole has been as bad as the Bills. Myself and most every fan I know included.

When the team was off to its surprising flash start we were lightning quick to believe maybe this team was different. We actually checked the power ratings and had the audacity to claim some didn't give us enough respect.

Maybe GM McBeane really had something going and they knew what they were doing. Maybe Terry and Kim Pegula struck gold to go along with the boatloads they already had.

We were like, "Sham Wow!"

Three weeks later, the Cleveland Browns are playing at a higher level than the Bills.

And now we are like, "Wow! Sham!"

At least we have the Sabres.

Oh, wait.

So now Bills Mafia, suffering from fandelirium, is faced with a seemingly yearly dilemma. Do we start wishing for teams behind us to win instead of lose? For a higher draft pick and bigger arsenal to trade up for a franchise QB now that we are certain (for at least a week) that neither Tyrod Taylor nor Elaine's boss are starters let alone saviors?

Do we just not care enough about this season anymore because it is over already and this year was just the beginning of the process and the McBeane era?

Not this fan.

Call me crazy, but I want to win every game as soon as the kickoff is made, regardless of the foolishness I may have said about draft picks during the week. I want to play the best players on the roster and see what happens. Because you never know.

Especially with this psychotic team and franchise.

A win in Kansas City, one of the toughest places to play in the league and a den of horrors for Bills fans and teams in recent seasons, against a floundering and angry Chiefs team and fandom itself would put the Bills right back in the hunt.

"In the hunt," by the way, is one of the worst short phrases fans can hear, slotted somewhere between "Are you sitting down?" and "Honey, we need to talk."

I admit it. I have an extraordinary ability to ignore what is right in front of me for what could be. The Bills have no chance against the Chiefs but are going to shock the world and city and even its own base again.

"It's fandelirium here in Buffalo!"

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