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Make it stop: Pain of Buffalo fans could reach historic levels tonight

The Sabres could become part of dubious Buffalo history Monday night.

It's the fourth straight day of games for Buffalo's premier sports teams, and fans couldn't be blamed if they'd rather have a break. The first three days featured forgettable losses by the Sabres and Bills.

Since the Sabres were founded in 1970, the teams have combined to lose four days in a row just three times, according to research by The Buffalo News:


Nov. 16 – Sabres lose to Florida, 2-0.
Nov. 17 – Sabres lose in Boston, 3-1.
Nov. 18 – Bills lose to Seattle, 23-20.
Nov. 19 – Sabres lose in Atlanta, 3-2.


Dec. 20 – Sabres lose to Florida, 3-0.
Dec. 21 – Sabres lose in Montreal, 6-2.
Dec. 22 – Bills lose in Green Bay, 10-0.
Dec. 23 – Sabres lose in Pittsburgh, 5-2.


Oct. 2 – Sabres lose in Detroit, 2-1.
Oct. 3 – Bills lose in Cleveland, 37-24.
Oct. 4 – Sabres lose to Ottawa, 1-0.
Oct. 5 – Sabres lose in Pittsburgh, 5-1.

The teams have combined to lose four games in four days on nine other occasions, including three times in 1970, but the fans had a one-day break from games (and misery) during the skids.

If the Sabres lose to Columbus in KeyBank Center, the misery will come on four consecutive days:

Nov. 17 – Sabres lose in Detroit, 3-1.
Nov. 18 – Sabres lose to Carolina, 3-1.
Nov. 19 – Bills lose to Los Angeles Chargers, 54-24.
Nov. 20 – Sabres versus Columbus?

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