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Letter: Trump has trumped himself with a series of bad choices

Trump has trumped himself with a series of bad choices

I was intrigued by a recent Washington Post article “The Five Worst Things Trump Has Done Since the Election.” I didn’t think the “Worst” list adequately represented the president’s dubious performance, so I created my own; a monumental task considering the sheer number of possibilities. My list, in reverse order:

5. Undermining climate change initiatives by dismissing the Paris Agreement, gutting environmental protections, dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency, and heavily promoting carbon-spewing fossil fuels.

4. Furthering the country’s racial divisiveness and xenophobia by emboldening white supremacist groups, bungling responses to the Charlottesville, Va., demonstration and Puerto Rican hurricane, and threatening the expulsion of the widely accepted DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) youth.

3. Disgracing the presidency by normalizing lying, demeaning the media, appointing Cabinet heads of mostly unqualified loyalists, grossly understaffing most federal agencies, and conducting juvenile “tweet wars” against numerous antagonists.

2. Impeding justice by continually denying the existence of Russian meddling in the 2016 election, disparaging intelligence community evidence, firing or threatening to fire key Justice Department officials overseeing the inquiry while discrediting both their integrity and the investigation.

And topping the list…

1. Campaigning on a nonexistent health care plan, then endorsing a series of horrific Republican proposals that included eliminating millions of poor Americans from Medicaid to offset tax reductions for corporations and the wealthy.

Is this what he meant by winning?

I look forward to someone’s “Best List,” curious to know what could possibly appear.

Thomas Golaszewski, Ed.D.

East Amherst

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