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Letter: Too much computing time clouds human thinking

Too much computing time clouds human thinking

Streets are often empty, playgrounds seldom used and paths, beaches and docks less used. When I ask people about this lack of use in some parts of Western New York and then in the Adirondacks they often reply that so many people are busy on their digital devices. This shift to worshiping the electronic device has cost us our very souls.

For all the millionaires, billionaires and CEOs created out of the computer revolution, we have lost our moral, political and financial anchors. Morally, the scams, untruths and lack of critical thinking ushered in by the trillions of devices have overwhelmed human reason and thoughtfulness. On the political side, election fraud, political bullying and hacking have humbled democracy after democracy, including ours. Financially billions of dollars have been stolen by multiple scams, while privacy almost does not exist.

Worst of all, many people have become machinelike! In their addiction to computing they have become like the plastic, metal and chips that make up their beloved machines. With quantum computing and artificial intelligence, we are making ourselves obsolete. It will now be easier to replace tens of millions of workers with the robotic counterpart. Right now professionals in law, finance and medicine can be replaced by metal and machines that require no bathroom breaks, vacations or salaries. And all the computer gods throw up their hands when asked to increase protection to democracy, privacy and hacking. After all it will cost them money. As usual money is the root of all evil!

Joseph Yonder


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