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Letter: Pitts is wrongheaded on his views about the president

Pitts is wrongheaded on his views about the president

In regards to Leonard Pitts’ Nov. 10 column, “Are we OK with massacres?” I, too, have exhausted, “My prayers go out to the families,” candlelight vigils, flowers and teddy bears, and am probably not alone.

However, I take exception to Pitts’ negative and divisive spin that President Trump is partial in his public statements that radical Muslim terrorism somehow takes precedence over domestic terrorism. Pitts claims Trump is selective in this regard. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Trump would concur that all massacres, whether by radical Muslims or deranged misfits are horrific. And they somehow both need to be eradicated.

On a personal note, it’s unfortunate these radical Muslim and domestic terrorists don’t take their own lives before taking others’. That’s what I pray for.

And, no, we are not OK with this. And neither is Trump.

Daniel Sansanese

East Amherst

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