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Letter: Hitler’s Germany meant hate, suffering for Jews

Hitler’s Germany meant hate, suffering for Jews

I am an escapee from the Hitlerian Germany and I will never forget what the Germans did to our people. I escaped from Naziland Germany as a child and grew up instantly with all the trauma that we as Jewish people suffered. Six million of our people were annihilated in the very late 1930s and early 1940s. Anything that we had was stolen/taken from us, including our lives.

What the Nov. 14 letter writer said is wishful thinking. There were no good Germans (except a handful) who viewed with pity the German Jewish people, who were beaten, shot and killed by the Germans, the majority of whom loved the sadism of Hitler, his henchmen and his people.

The Jews were mercilessly killed, annihilated in the most sadistic fashion and all of their possessions were taken. Mercy did not exist and all of their flesh and blood were taken from their bodies, until their breath was gone. Little babies were destroyed in front of their mothers and fathers and those who still lived were thrown into the gas chambers until they died.

There was no pity, no regrets and only sadistic hatred for the pitiful Jewish people who had no way of escaping from their “fellow” Christian citizens.

We “grew up” very fast.

When I, through horrendous miracles, escaped I was “old” as a 9-year-old child. Only endless years later, when the Germans had been defeated, a very few preached about their imaginary pity for the Jewish people of Germany. What was done to us is not describable; pity these Germans did not have.

The exceptionally minute number that existed was eternally praised for not annihilating their Jewish neighbors and countrymen.

The handful of Jewish folk who escaped during World War II will never forget the horrors that they experienced.

Ursula A. Falk, Ph.D.


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