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How much should we read into Taylor's mildly cryptic social media posts?

It's 2017, where athletes' posts on social media always go deeper than the surface and attempting to decode them could basically be its own sport. If so, Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor would be our latest contestant.

Taylor posted twice Monday morning after the Bills were blown out by the Chargers in a game where rookie QB Nathan Peterman started in his place and threw five interceptions. Coach Sean McDermott said after the game that he hadn't made a decision on a quarterback going forward.

Will Taylor return to the starting lineup next week? Does he already know one way or the other? Will Peterman get another shot? If so, are the Bills tanking? Why did Sean McDermott really bench Tyrod anyway? How long will this have to go on before it becomes the new Doug Flutie-Rob Johnson debate? Why do we care? Why are we here? Feel free to consider anything and everything as you attempt to make sense of these posts.

Won’t stop loving the game.

A post shared by Tyrod Taylor (@tytaylor) on

Anyway, if you're scoring at home, the tweet feels more positive, which could possibly mean Taylor knows he's starting, but the Instagram feels slightly darker, as if bad things are happening but he won't let that affect who he is inside. Or they could mean the opposite, or none of this means anything at all. Godspeed in your decoding.

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