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Letter: Trump’s dysfunction hurts our worldwide reputation

Trump’s dysfunction hurts our worldwide reputation

Our dysfunctional president has created a leadership vacuum.

Internationally, China and Russia are racing to fill the void. Domestically it falls on Congress to step up and fill the gap. Current polls show only 13 to 19 per cent of Americans approve of the job Congress is doing.

Trump’s doctrine of “Obama created it, I broke it and you fix it,” is a direct challenge to the legislature. It is one they should embrace.

By seriously addressing the major issues such as the national debt, infrastructure, health care and the environment Congress can regain the trust and respect of the American people. It must halt the corrupting influence of big money on our business, judicial and political systems.

It is a tragedy when most citizens of the richest nation on the planet fear health care costs as much as they fear the underlying illness and diseases.

As long as Congress is viewed as a place of petty partisan squabbling, where posturing is more important than governing and the division of spoils is the main business, we will not be a united nation.

We deserve a more thoughtful, civil, intelligent government. An open, collegial and rational debate resulting in well-written laws would demonstrate to us that Congress can act in a dignified, responsible manner. That it is deserving of our support and respect, a fit vessel for our hopes, and a worthy guardian of our future.

The only thing that follows a clown is a circus. Congress should lead us, but not down that road.

Charles Kucharski


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