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Letter: Shoppers should consider buying at farmers markets

Shoppers should consider buying at farmers markets

We sometimes don’t realize how lucky we are to have access to such great food here in Western New York. Our grocery stores are amazing, and even better, we have many farms in our region providing fresh local products (almost) year-round.

In fall, I think the best place to get food is the Clinton Bailey farmers market. The bounty of fall fruits and vegetables is beautiful to see.

There are more varieties of apples than I ever knew existed, and it seems like every year there’s a new kind. You can get in touch with your ancestors, who maybe went to a weekly market like this to buy farm-fresh food.

You can shop alongside immigrants who, like your own immigrant ancestors perhaps, visit this bountiful weekly market for shopping and socializing. I regularly hear languages from Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, all bargaining to get the best deal for a bunch of kale or a bushel of apples.

You’ll meet the people who work hard to grow your food, and maybe they’ll even offer you a taste of something new. It’s one of Buffalo’s treasures, and I always leave there happy. I love buying from the farmers who grow my food, and shopping outdoors with my fellow Buffalonians, and I bet you will too.

Genevieve Rados


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