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Letter: Gun ownership should not supersede protecting lives

Gun ownership should not supersede protecting lives

It’s now official: protecting gun ownership is more important than protecting the lives of children.

I am so tired of hearing the usual excuses. My favorite: criminals will not follow the laws. Think about this. How many people ignore traffic laws? Most drivers have exceeded the speed limit, gone through stop signs or red lights. Does that mean we should repeal all traffic laws? How about shoplifting? Why bother? People steal, anyway.

Just imagine how much money we would save if we repeal all laws. No need for police or courts or prisons. Do we want to live in a society without laws? Apparently some people do! Remember the Alexandria shooter,” James Hodgkinson. How about Adam Lanza, the Sandy Hook killer. Or Dylan Roof, who killed people studying the Bible in Charleston, S.C., and Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas shooter. None were criminals.

We’re hearing also that it isn’t a gun problem, it’s a mental health problem. Canada must have no people with mental illness. Gun violence is very rare and mass shootings even rarer. Do they just have a better mental health care system? Or does Canada and most of the civilized world simply ban assault-type weapons?

It seems to me we have to stop listening to the excuses. Start voting for people who are pro-life enough to stand up to the National Rifle Association. Gun lovers can have all of the pistols and rifles they feel they need, but let’s eliminate weapons designed for war.

Judy Capodicasa


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