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Letter: Driving is more important than texting family, friends

Driving is more important than texting family, friends

As a 20-year-old driver, I may not be the most experienced motorist, but I’ve seen both experienced and inexperienced drivers make the wrong decisions on the road. I have experienced close calls, just as I am sure you all have.

After class one afternoon, I was almost hit by a man pulling into traffic while checking both directions. Slowly rolling through a stop is no safer than blowing through mandatory stops.

I have also witnessed so many people texting while driving and not even looking up from the phone for many seconds. Those seconds while looking down could result in an accident, which could potentially be fatal.

Keep in mind infants or children could be in the vehicles around you, and if you do get in an accident it may seriously injure or kill a child. Imagine the guilt you would feel after causing all that destruction, just for your text or Snapchat or Facebook status you were more focused on.

Since we are coming up to the winter months, the roads will become slick and icy, causing more accidents to occur. Buffalo, as we all know, gets horrendous weather during these winter months. Let’s all be extremely careful this winter, and think about the safety of others and ourselves. Please, when driving, be mindful of your surroundings and keep your eyes on the road, and not on the phone. The call or text can wait, driving can’t.

Nicholas Jeziorowski


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